More Large-Volume Fluids Available

More large-volume polyionic fluids for parenteral administration in large animals have become available during an ongoing shortage.

Zoetis Inc. announced July 13 that the company has extended supply agreements that include 5-L bags of fluids, and the Food and Drug Administration announced July 29 that additional shipments of large-volume fluids arrived from abroad in July.

According to the Zoetis announcement, the company has extended supply agreements to continue providing U.S. customers with veterinary-labeled fluids. In February, the company had acquired the assets of Abbott Animal Health, including fluid products. Along with other sizes and types of fluids, 5-L bags of lactated Ringer’s solution and Plasma-Lyte will continue to be available from Zoetis through distribution partners.

The FDA has been allowing the distribution of certain foreign products in the United States temporarily to help meet the need for 3-L to 5-L bags of fluids. Acording to the agency’s announcement, the shipments that arrived from abroad in July will not resolve the shortage.

Details and updates are available from the FDA at:

JAVMA News, Vol. 247, No. 6: September 15, 2015; 581.