Management Team

William J. Donawick, DVMPresident/CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Donawick is a veterinarian and emeritus professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, where he served as Chief of Staff, as well as a research scientist, teacher, veterinary surgeon, and innovator of new surgical techniques. Dr. Donawick was instrumental in the design and development of International WIN, Ltd’s patented products. He is also the author of more than 80 scientific papers and has contributed to several textbooks. He has lectured nationally and internationally to veterinarians in areas of leadership, business, and veterinary medicine and surgery.

Joseph B. Thomas “Joe”Vice President
Joe comes to International WIN, Ltd. after years in the neighboring field of animal research and bio-safety.  With a background in business, Joe manages IWIN’s projects that focus on long-term growth and efficiency.  Concentrating on strategic development, sales processes, business creation, industry recognition and customer management are all abilities that Joe brings to the operations of International WIN, Ltd.

Brian D. JoyceProduction Manager
Brian joined International WIN, Ltd. in 1997. In his role as Production Manager, Brian  oversees production, packaging and quality control of all products. He also dispatches purchase orders for parts and supplies, coordinates the transportation of products for sterilization, and ensures that International WIN, Ltd. has all required documentation, including proof of sterilization and sterility.

Bonnie J. DonawickSecretary of the Corporation & Assistant Director of Sales
Bonnie’s multi-functional role adds balance to the management team, providing seamless response to orders from veterinarians and distributors.

Production Team

Betsy Rivera, Ada Rivera, Guadalupe Reyes, Maritza Medina, and Maria Moreno
Our incredible Production Team assembles and packages all of International WIN, Ltd.’s many and varied products.  Their attention to detail and dedication to quality production are crucial to the success of the company.  They produce more than 250,000 I.V. sets and related quality devices annually.  A truly spectacular output for just 5 individuals.

All of our products are assembled in specifically designed facilities with micro-filter air-handling.   Every reasonable step is taken to reduce contamination during production before sterilization.  Only the highest quality materials and components are used.  Strict quality control procedures are followed to ensure the highest quality products are produced for your use.