About Us

International WIN, Ltd. was founded to conceive, design, manufacture, market, sell and service unique products to improve the quality of health care provided to animals by the veterinary profession. The current line of patented products, developed by International WIN, Ltd. for intravenous (IV) fluid delivery in large and small animals, has great value to practicing veterinarians and are now used by veterinarians worldwide.

The milestones in the development and growth of International WIN, Ltd. include:

« Incorporation in Pennsylvania, September 2, 1987.
« U.S. patent No. 4,699,613 issued on STAT Large Animal STAT IV Set on October 13, 1987.
« First sale on January 4, 1988.
« Canadian patent No. 1265003 issued on STAT Large Animal IV System on January 30, 1990.
« Manufacturing facility completed December 15, 1991.
« First successful in-house assembly, packaging and sterilization of products in February 1992.
« U.S. patent No. 5,163,923 issued on the Companion Animal Flex-coil™ Swivel System on
« November 17, 1992.
« Sustained growth during first 5 years (1988-1993) despite recession.
« First profits realized in 1992.
« First sale of the Flex-coil™ System on January 2, 1994.
« First distributor agreement established in1997.
« Issuance of Canadian patent No. 2,119,376 for Flex-coil™ System in 1999.
« Sales exceed two million dollars in 2007.
« Listed among INC. Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in U.S.A. for years 2008, 2009.

The current line of patented products, developed, manufactured and sold by International WIN, Ltd. for intravenous (IV) fluid delivery in large and small companion animals has great value to practicing veterinarians.

We believe our future growth, success and contribution to the welfare of animals and to the veterinary profession will be in improved health care for companion animals. Increased spending within the companion animal market is driven by: the human animal bond; rising number of households with pets; a focus on animal health and preventive care; migration of technology from human health to veterinary medicine; and, an aging pet population. There were 217,700,000 pets in the U.S.A. in 2011 (not including 159.7 million fish).  There were 78.2 million dogs; 86.4 million cats; 7.9 million horses; 5.7 million birds; 13 million reptiles; and, 16 million small animal pets. This resulted in an expenditure of $13.41 billion for veterinary care in 2011 which illustrates the pet owning public’s willingness to pay for veterinary care*.

International WIN, Limited’s line of more than 40 products provide improved care for, and reduce complications of, sick pets while reducing technical and professional time required to provide care increasing profits for veterinarians.

* Source: American Pet Products Association (APPA), 2011 – 2012 National Pet Owners Survey