SUhorseDesigned for large animals, the STAT Large Animal I.V. Set is compatible with International WIN, Ltd.’s patented hanger and swivel. The ten foot polyurethane coil length delivers 28 liters of fluid per hour by gravity and allows simultaneous administration of drugs, plasma, blood and electrolytes with a quick, easy set-up.

The following instructions detail the proper set-up procedure for the STAT IV1000 and assume that the GYRO Fluid Hanger has been installed. Carefully following the set-up procedure will maximize the effectiveness of your STAT IV1000, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your patient will be recieving uninterrupted fluid therapy.

STAT IV 1000 set-up instructions.pdf – 3 pages


laivSU1The STAT IV1000 Large Animal I.V. System is designed to attach to 2 or more fluid containers. If only 2, 5 liter bags are hung, place one bag on a high hook of the GYRO Fluid Hanger. This offers the advantage of not having both bags empty simultaneously. Here, for illustration, the set up process begins with 2 fluid containers and is then expanded to four. If 3 or more bags are to be set up the STAT IV1000 I.V. Set should be connected to 2 fluid containers on the lower hooks.


Close the 2 blue on/off clamps on the inlet lines of the IV1000 I.V. Set before proceeding.


laivSU3There are 2 piercing pins on the IV1000 I.V. Set which are inserted into an outlet port of 2 fluid containers. Remove the red protective cap from a piercing pin and the protective cap from a bag outlet. Insert the piercing pin into the bag outlet port with sufficient force to break the inner seal in the outlet port and seat the piercing pin into the bag.


laivSU4To further secure the piercing pins in the outlet ports, pass the blue bag holders through the holes in the seam of the bag on either side of the outlet port. Repeat, to attach the second bag to the IV1000 I.V. Set. Check the security of both connections. If using 5 Liter Fluid Bags, see this additional information to create the required holes.


laivSU5Write the date and time on set-up and patient name on the patient label.


laivSU6Prime the IV1000 I.V. Set by opening the blue on/off clamps. Once primed either close the white on/off clamp on the coil or close the screw flow control clamp.


laivSU7Place the third and fourth fluid containers on the high hooks of the GYRO Fluid Hangar.


laivSU8To interconnect the additional fluid containers a Transfer Set (TS2001) is used.
First close the blue on/off clamp on the Transfer Set.


laivSU9Insert the piercing pin into the outlet port on the fluid container.
Insert the other piercing pin on the Transfer Set into the second outlet port on one of the low fluid containers also connected to the IV1000.
Open the blue on/off clamp to initiate transfer of fluid.