Flex-Coil® Swivel System

corgy[1]Here’s how the Flex-Coil® Swivel System works. A reusable shoe with adhesive backing is mounted to the top, center of the cage. A primary I.V. set from the fluids or infusion pump leads to the Flex-Coil® swivel. The swivel with attached coil and injection site snaps into the shoe. The end of the coil attaches to a releasable collar, traditional collar or neck I.D. band. An extension set attaches between the end of the coil and a I.V. catheter.



FMCRE9003 FELINE Flex-Coil® Swivel Kit

PMCRE9005 Pediatric Flex-Coil® Swivel Kit

CR9003 Core Flex-Coil® Swivel I.V. with 3 Foot Coil

CR9005 Core Flex-Coil® Swivel I.V. with 5 Foot Coil

CR9010 Core Flex-Coil® Swivel I.V. with 10 Foot Coil