Flex-Coil® Swivel System

sh9100Before use of the Flex-Coil® Swivel Sets, Shoe Mounting Kits must be installed in selected cages. If you have not already mounted the Shoe and tubing tabs/clips, please click on the link below:

Shoe Mounting Kit Set-Up and Use.

To prepare the cage to give fluids follow the following steps.

Flex-coil® Swivel Set-up Instructions .pdf – 2 pages


saivSU1Select the appropriate Flex-Coil® Swivel Set: Three (3) foot coils (CR9003) are ideal for cat-sized cages; five (5) foot coils (CR9005) for average sized dog cages; and, ten (10) foot coils (CR9010) for runs and insert it in the Shoe. Remove the protective cap from the female Luer connector on the swivel device and attach the male Luer end connector of an I.V. set. Insert the Flex-Coil® Swivel Set in the Shoe mounted at the top center of the cage.

To remove a Flex-Coil® Swivel squeeze the sides of the swivel and slide it forward out of the Shoe.


saivSU2Place the primary I.V. set tubing inside the cage into the gray tubing tab/clips to hold it against the top of the cage.


saivSU3Prime the primary I.V. set and Flex-Coil® Swivel Set by partially filling the drip chamber and temporarily opening the flow control device on the I.V. set or starting the infusion pump.

Preparing the patient to receive I.V. fluids with the Flex-Coil® Swivel System:


saivSU4Insert an I.V. catheter in a cephalic, jugular, or saphenous vein and secure it in place.


saivSU5Prime the appropriately-sized Extension Set and close the on/off clamp. The 14 inch Extension Set with KINK-SAFE™ Adapter (EXT14) is ideal for cats, small dogs, and puppies; the 24 inch Extension Set with KINKSAFE™ Adapter (EXT24) is ideal for average sized dogs; and, the 36 inch Extension Set with KINK-SAFE™ Adapter (EXT36) is ideal for giant breed dogs. Attach the male Luer connector of the KINK-SAFE™ adapter to the hub of the I.V. catheter. With a syringe attached to the female Luer connector on the Extension Set flush several milliliters of fluid through the Extension Set and I.V. catheter to check the patency of the vein.


saivSU6Attach the male Luer connector on the end of the coil to the female Luer connector at the proximal end of the Extension Set.

Depress the tab on the releasable cable tie at the end of the coil, open the tie, pass it around a collar, releasable collar, identification band, or harness and secure the cable tie so that end of the coil is positioned behind the head between the shoulder blades (out of sight and out of easy reach).


sh9100The final steps are to open the on/off clamp on the Extension Set and set the rate of fluid flow on the infusion pump or with the flow control device on the primary I.V. set.