Ordering Information

All of our products are prescription by Licensed Veterinarians only. If this presents an obstacle, please contact us at 1-800-359-4946.

1. Returned merchandise will not be accepted without prior authorization from an officer of International WIN, Ltd.
2. All requests must provide complete details for each item; quantity, lot number, and reason for return.
3. Full credit will be allowed only for:
a. Defective merchandise–products MUST be returned for quality assurance testing.
b. Merchandise shipped in error not against a purchase order.
4. The credit for merchandise authorized for return for any reason, other than the above, purchased within 60 days will be 75%.
5. No credit will be given for merchandise more than 60 after purchase.

NOTE: Any unauthorized return of merchandise will be returned to the sender, freight collect.

SHIPPING TERMS — Buyer is solely responsible for filing timely and proper claims against carrier if goods are lost or damaged in transit. Buyer assumes and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to any purchased goods sold after the purchased goods have been delivered by International WIN, Ltd. to the shipper or carrier. International WIN, Ltd. assumes NO responsibility for damage or loss in transit. Notify our sales person at the time of order placement if you want freight loss/damage insurance.

CONTACTS FOR AUTHORIZED RETURN OF MERCHANDISE: or 610-444-0170 or toll-free 800-359-4946