Technical Info

Priming Fluid Volumes
The priming volumes (in milliliters) are provided for our most popular sets.

Chart to Calculate Patient Daily Fluid Needs

Content of Common I.V. Solutions
The electrolyte composition, buffer source, pH, caloric value and indications of common commercial I.V. solutions are presented.

How to Punch Holes in 5 Liter Fluid Bags
The safe way!

Intravenous Catheters for Large Animals
At present there are 3 IV catheters in common use in large animals in the United States

Fluid Flow Rates
Fluid flow rates (per minute and per hour) by gravity are provided for the IV1000 and IV250 at various heights with and without accessories

More Large-Volume Fluids Available
The FDA allows distribution of certain foreign products in the United States temporarily to help meet the need for 3-L to 5-L bags of fluids.

How To Deal With Fluids Shortages
Useful tips on how to overcome the IV fluids shortages plaguing the veterinary community. Watch the easy video tutorial and access the resources for building your own. Credit: Weatherford Equine Medical Center of Weatherford, TX.