SH9100 Shoe Mounting Kit

sh9100 SH9100

Before use of the Flex-coil® Swivel System, reusable Shoe Mounting Kits must be installed in cages. Utilizing their adhesive backing, the Shoes can be attached to cages with Stainless Steel, painted steel, Formica, and/or plastic tops. With modification, Shoes can also be mounted on mesh steel cage tops (contact International WIN, Ltd., for advice). For use in runs, please contact International WIN, Ltd. for custom made Run Rods. The Shoes become an integral part of the cage, are reusable and are sealed to enable thorough cleaning and disinfection. The steps for typical installation follow.

Before starting gather together a yard stick, “Magic Marker” pen and a Shoe Mounting Kit (Reorder Number SH9100).

Shoe Mounting Kit set-up instructions .pdf – 2 pages


Start with a clean, dry cage. With the alcohol pads enclosed in the shoe mounting kit, remove any residual soap or fatty substance in an area approximately 8 inches in diameter around the top center of the cage. Then, wipe a 3 inch wide strip on the top of the cage leading from the previously cleaned circle to the front of the cage along the approximate left-to-right center line. Allow the alcohol to dry.


Determine the true top center point of the cage with a yard stick. With the yard stick on edge, position it diagonally across the top of the cage and place a small mark with a Magic Marker pen at the mid-point of the diagonal distance. Repeat the procedure along the opposite diagonal. The point between the two marks is the center point of the cage.


Mark the left to right center point along the front of the cage.


The next step is to attach the Shoe to the cage top. BE VERY CAREFUL as it is possible to attach the shoe BACKWARDS. The Flex-coil® Swivel Set will only go in one end of the Shoe and this end should face forward towards the front of the cage. The Shoe has a thin trailing surface. Think of this surface as a “tail”. The tail should be facing the back of the cage. In this picture the technician’s left thumb and forefinger are grasping the “tail”.


Remove the protective backing from the adhesive on the underside of the Shoe and attach the Shoe to the top center of the cage.


Press the Shoe firmly to the cage top at multiple sites and hold pressure at the sites for at least 15 seconds. Pressure and time are important to insure a long-lasting installation.


Attach the 2 tubing tab/clips. These tab/clips hold the I.V. set tubing leading to the Flex-coil® Swivel Set along the top centerline of the cage. First, divide the distance from the front of the shoe to the cage front into thirds along the front-to-back centerline. Place a small pen mark at the 2 sites. In turn, remove the protective backing from the 2 tubing tab/clips and adhere the tab/clips (preferably slightly off center so the tubing clips are aligned along the centerline) to the top of the cage near the marks.


Hold thumb pressure on the tubing tab/clips for at least 15 seconds to insure good adhesion.

Proceed to Flex-coil® Swivel Set-Up Instructions